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Mijiagao (Shanghai) Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd is an outstanding supplier of kitchen and bakery equipment. It mainly produces kitchen equipment (chicken fryers, deep fryer etc.), bakery equipment (ovens, fermentation rooms, mixers, and other bakery equipment.), refrigeration equipment, snack equipment and packaging machinery, which meet the needs of different countries and customers in the world. OEM service is available as well.

For different types of food processing plants, commercial restaurants, hotels and fast food chains to provide a complete set of high-quality food machinery and equipment.The company’s predecessor was founded in 2001. At present, the factory has 2 Research & Development teams, 6 production lines, a complete set of artificial intelligence equipment, 5 sales teams and a technical service department consisting of 8 people. In order to remain competitive in market, Mijiagao (Shanghai) Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd was officially set up in 2018.

Nowadays, the company’s food machinery is widely used in Asia (such as Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, India), Africa (for example Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt), Europe (like Russia, Germany, Britain, Italy), South America (for instance Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia), North America (including Canada, the United States, Mexico) and Oceania (covering Australia, New Zealand). Moreover, we have large-scale franchisers in cities all over the world.

Currently, Mijiagao is a powerful and innovative trading company with reliable advice, advanced technology and excellent service, which keep pace with the times. Our mission is to strive to become a new benchmark in the sector.

The company established in 2018

At the present stage, the main business of Mijiagao is the R&D, production and sales of various kinds of mechanical processing equipment such as bakery equipment, fast food equipment, packing equipment and refrigeration equipment.


Mijiagao (Shanghai) lmport&Export Trading Co.,Ltd.
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